Product Recall: Unilever Dry Shampoos (Dove, Tresemme, Suave & TIGI Bedhead)

Updated October 25, 2022: Added TIGI Bedhead products as well as sizes and affected lot codes.

St. Louis, October 21st, 2022 - In response to a voluntary product recall by UNILEVER HPC, Dierbergs Markets has removed all lots of the following products from its shelves due to the possibility of benzene contamination:

Dove Dry Shampoo Volume and Fullness, 1.15 oz.
Unit UPC: 79400665270
Lot Codes: 01020KK69, 01030KK69, 01040KK69, 02270KK78, 02280KK78, 03020KK78, 03021KK29, 03031KK29, 03041KK29, 07231KK53, 07241KK53, 07261KK53, 07271KK53, 07271KK54, 10060KK10, 10070KK10, 10080KK10

Dove Dry Shampoo Volume and Fullness, 5 oz.
Unit UPC: 79400202444
Lot Codes: 01111KK23, 01121KK23, 01121KK24, 01131KK24, 01131KK25, 01191KK27, 01220KK71, 01230KK71, 02030KK73, 02040KK73, 02040KK74, 02050KK74, 02050KK75, 02050KK76, 02060KK76, 03130KK79, 03140KK79, 03140KK80, 03160KK80, 03171KK31, 03181KK31, 03181KK32, 04060KK82, 04070KK82, 04070KK83, 04121KK36, 04131KK36, 04131KK37, 04131KK38, 04141KK38, 04201KK40, 04211KK40, 04220KK85, 04230KK85, 04280KK87, 04290KK87, 05041KK42, 05051KK42, 05150KK90, 05180KK91, 05241KK44, 05251KK44, 05251KK45, 05260KK93, 05270KK93, 05270KK94, 05280KK94, 06281KK49, 06291KK49, 06291KK50, 07200KK98, 07220KK00, 07220KK99, 07230KK00, 07271KK54, 07281KK54, 08180KK02, 08190KK02, 08190KK03, 08250KK05, 09220KK07, 09230KK07, 09230KK08, 10200KK12, 10210KK12, 11020KK13, 11030KK13, 11030KK14, 11040KK14, 12040KK18, 12070KK18, 12070KK19, 12080KK19

Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh Coconut, 5 oz.
Unit UPC: 79400449351
Lot Codes: 01200KK47, 01200KK48, 01201KK68, 01210KK48, 01220KK48, 01281KK69, 02030KK49, 02110KK50, 03100KK52, 03110KK52, 03251KK71, 04140KK54, 04150KK54, 04150KK55, 04161KK72, 05191KK73, 05191KK74, 05201KK74, 06101KK75, 06111KK75, 07160KK58, 07170KK58, 08200KK60, 08210KK60, 09030KK61, 10080KK63, 10090KK63, 11100KK65, 11240KK66, 12210KK67, 12220KK67

Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh and Floral, 5 oz.
Unit UPC: 79400449344
Lot Codes: 02110KK35, 02260KK36

Dove Dry Shampoo Detox and Purify, 5 oz.
Unit UPC: 79400561282
Lot Codes: 01060KK22, 03051KK30, 03061KK30, 03240KK24, 03250KK24, 04100KK25, 04130KK25, 04161KK31, 04171KK31, 06071KK32, 06081KK32, 07150KK26, 07160KK26, 08140KK27, 08170KK27, 09210KK28, 09220KK28, 11120KK29, 11130KK29

Dove Dry Shampoo Go Active, 5 oz.
Unit UPC: 79400470317
Lot Codes: 01070KK05, 01131KK17, 01141KK17, 03120KK08, 03120KK09, 03130KK09, 03191KK18, 03261KK19, 05031KK20, 05041KK20, 09150KK13, 11240KK16, 11250KK16

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Refresh and Revive, 4.3 oz.
Unit UPC: 79400391483
Lot Codes: 01300KK18, 01310KK18, 02171KK07, 02181KK07, 03191KK08, 03221KK08, 03231KK08, 05141KK09, 05151KK09, 05161KK09, 05210KK02, 05220KK02, 06041KK10, 06051KK10, 06061KK10, 07270KK04, 07280KK04, 08261KK11, 08271KK11, 10050KK05, 10060KK05

Tresemme Dry Shampoo Volumizing, 1.15 oz.
Unit UPC: 22400336534
Lot Codes: 07201KK27, 07211KK27, 07221KK27, 07221KK28

Tresemme Dry Shampoo Volumizing, 5 oz.
Unit UPC: 22400004488
Lot Codes: 03110KK10, 03120KK10, 03250KK11, 03260KK11, 04221KK24, 04231KK24, 04261KK24, 12080KK19, 12090KK19

Tresemme Dry Shampoo Fresh and Clean, 5 oz.
Unit UPC: 22400004495
Lot Codes: 02260KK07, 03240KK09, 04201KK17, 05120KK12

Tresemme Pro Pure Dry Shampoo, 5 oz.
Unit UPC: 22400005683
Lot Codes: 03241KK06, 06090KK04, 06100KK04, 08210KK05, 06021KK07, 06031KK07

TIGI Bedhead Dirty Secrets Dry Shampoo, 6.2 oz.
UPC: 81893801925
Lot codes: 03061KK06, 04301KK07,07140KK04

TIGI Bedhead OH Bee Hive Dry Shampoo, 5 oz.
UPC: 81893801932
Lot codes: 07200KK01, 07210KK01, 09091KK06

Customers may return the affected product to Dierbergs for a full refund.

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